Rue Care Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Rue Care Oil safe to use?
Answer: Rue Care Oil made of 100% finest natural oils and is safe to use. There are no known side effects.

Question: How fast will I see results?
Answer: In most cases the oil provides relief already after the first application. It is important to apply the oil regularly, without missing application. Usually after applying the oil the hemorrhoid will shrink and show up later in the day. This is just the healing process. With regular application the condition will be eliminated.

Question: How to apply your product?
Answer: Rue Care Oil is to be applied topically on the hemorrhoid. It is soluble with human tissue and fast absorbing. It can also be massaged on the soles of the feet to enter the immune system and combat the condition internally.

Question: Does the treatment hurt, is there any discomfort?
Answer: No! However a slight burning might be felt immediately after the first applications.

Question: How to use the product on internal hemorrhoids?
Answer: You can apply the oil using cotton bud ointment, or help applying the oil with your finger or a dropper.

Question: How many bottles will I need?
Answer: Depends on the size and type of your hemorrhoid. Generally for a medium size hemorrhoid one bottle of Rue Care Oil is enough.

Question: If one bottle of your product is enough, why are you having a 3+1 offer?
Answer: Hemorrhoids are very common condition - 50% of population is developing it at a certain time in their life. In many families there is more than one sufferer. Also, for bigger size of hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoid more than one bottle might be needed. Further, there are cases where the cause of hemorrhoid cannot be healed/removed (like genetic predisposition to weak veins, working conditions were people are sitting for extended periods of time). These sufferers can only heal temporarily, because the cause of hemorrhoid is still there.

Question: Are there any side effects?
Answer:  There are no known side effects for using Rue Care Oil as indicated in the directions of use.

Question: Any specific recommendation to observe while applying Rue Care Oil?
Answer:  Do not use perfumed toilette tissue, use only mild soaps for washing the area to avoid irritation.

Question: To which countries are you shipping and what are the costs?
Answer: We ship worldwide. You only pay $19.95 for 1 bottle of Rue Care Oil.

Question: How long does it takes to receive the product?
Answer: We're shipping out all orders within 24/48 hours from receiving of the payment. Delivery time depends on clients location. It usually takes between 7 - 14 days to deliver the product.

Question: How you deliver the Rue Care Oil?
Answer: We deliver by registered airmail. For overnight delivery, please
Contact us for additional pricing.

Question: Is the product sent discretely?
Answer:  Yes. The product is sent in unmarked envelop with the recipient and return address only.

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Rue Care Oil for Hemorrhoids Treatment